ProFound senior consultant Robbie Hogervorst joined the Helvetas buyer mission to South East Asia to identify business opportunities and look at actions needed to make business happen. Traditional Medicinals met with companies from Vietnam, Laos, whereas Organic Herb Trading Company visited all three countries, including Myanmar.

The main focus of the mission was indigenous spices and organically produced local varieties of commodity spices, such as turmeric and ginger. We also explored options for medicinal and aromatic plants and local herbal medicine traditions. In general there are good options for high quality products due to clean production sites for excample. Story telling opportunities are ample, with high levels of community benefits and biodiversity conservation

Robbie is currently at SIAL, where he will also take the opportunity to discuss the next steps with companies from Vietnam. The Helvetas/ProFound team will be back in SE Asia in November and December. This time to identify how lessons learned from the October mission and SIAL trade fair can be applied in market entry strategy and matchmaking in 2019 with other buyers in Europe and North America.