Market assessment in Kosovo

August 21st, 2014|

In the beginning of August, ProFound consultants Gustavo Ferro and Bert-Jan Ottens embarked on a mission to Pristina, Kosovo, to initiate an assessment of the Kosovar market for processed fruits and vegetables. This assessment falls within the framework of Promoting Private Sector Employment (PPSE), a programme financed by the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC). The programme is implemented by a consortium of Swisscontact, Riinvest Insitute and PEM Consult. Together with the Riinvest Institute as a local partner, ProFound is conducting the market assessment at three different levels: Trade statistics: an assessment of Kosovo’s trade balance. Value chain dynamics: an analysis of [...]

Exploring the EU market for wild botanicals

June 18th, 2014|

ProFound has recently concluded a pioneer study on the EU market for wild-sourced botanicals commissioned by the Trade for Development Centre (TDC) of the Belgian Development Agency (BTC), anticipating the growing opportunities for these products in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The study on wild botanicals has been carried out within the framework of TDC’s Producer Support Programme, through which financial and technical assistance is provided to producer organisations. TDC aims at economic and social empowerment of small producer organisations, by both enhancing business knowledge and improving their access to markets. In this context, the study focuses on wild-collected medicinal and aromatic [...]

South Africa: fact-finding and acquisition mission

March 26th, 2014|

South Africa is a biodiversity hotspot, offering a wealth of indigenous plants to produce natural ingredients. Next to these raw materials, South Africa also has a large food and wine industry; its waste materials, such as kernels, peel, seeds and low-grade materials can be used to produce a variety of extracts, essential oils and vegetable oils. Only a few companies in South Africa bank on these opportunities to supply export markets with innovative ingredients. Moreover, only recently are some public institutions becoming aware of the opportunities the sector offers for rural development and value addition. In this context, CBI is [...]

Palestinian potential for Natural Ingredients

March 26th, 2014|

Palestinian companies face many bottlenecks when targeting export markets. Especially pressing are limited access to water and land and a weak enabling environment. Natural ingredients producers are particularly affected. Exporters rely on domestic raw materials which are not available according to consistent volumes and quality. Moreover, companies lack information and entrepreneurial skills for production, business and export planning. In a joint effort, the Netherlands Representative Office and CBI agreed to investigate the possibilities of a CBI intervention in the natural ingredients sector. ProFound worked on the first step in this process: an in-depth Value Chain Analysis (VCA). Together with Klaus [...]

Supporting CBI in Egypt

December 17th, 2013|

In 2013, ProFound developed a business case for the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI) which encompasses three sectors: natural ingredients, crafts and engineering products. This business case will be the basis for CBI’s Export Coaching Programme (ECP) in the next 5 years. In this contex, a first fact-finding and acquisition mission took place in December 2013, where consultant Robbie Hogervorst promoted the programme to local producers and exporters. He also had several meetings with key local counterparts to identify synergies and means of cooperation, as well as to broaden the local support base for the [...]

Supporting ProEcuador’s business intelligence

June 28th, 2013|

ProEcuador was established recently to widen and deepen the Ecuadorian export offer and to support Ecuadorian companies that want to enter export markets. ProEcuador has established a business intelligence and export support team to provide market intelligence and advice. Next to building a stronger sector specialisation within these teams, there is also a need for capacity building on how to do research, how to analyse outcomes to meet the specific needs of Ecuadorian exporters and how to present information in a user friendly way. Using the market intelligence products developed by ProFound on quinoa and chocolate, staff of these departments [...]

ProEcuador seminars: quinoa and chocolate

June 28th, 2013|

ProFound’s consultant Robbie Hogervorst recently conducted two dissemination workshops in Quino, Ecuador. These were a follow-up activity of market intelligence products developed by ProFound for ProEcuador and Ecuadorian SME exporters of quinoa and chocolate. In close coordination with ProEcuador and CBI product experts, around 40 companies were provided with the highlights of these studies. Subjects discussed included product requirements and development trends, marketing requirements, legislative requirements, market trends, market channels and segments and promotion trends. Based on these highlights, the trainers discussed market entry and product development options. Through different group assignments, the companies reviewed their product portfolio and capacities [...]

Launch of ASPIRE programme in Ethiopia

April 11th, 2013|

On March 28, the programme to develop Ethiopia’s beekeeping sector was launched officially. ProFound was not only in Ethiopia to witness the launch and discuss programme management with its partners, but also to deliver first results. A round table discussion initiated a Quality Assurance Scheme covering the entire value chain. Companies, government representatives, sector organisations, research institutes and consultants brainstormed on the Quality Assurance Scheme to prepare a list of actions, which will be followed up by the newly established Quality Assurance taskforce. ProFound also provided a three-day workshop to introduce representatives of diverse companies and sector organisations to market [...]

ProFound talks apples and oranges in Colombia

March 25th, 2013|

In the first week of March, ProFound participated in Proexport’s seminar Condiciones de acceso para productos agroindustriales en la Unión Europea, which was conducted in 5 cities across Colombia - and broadcasted live to 15 additional cities. The seminar was organised in the framework of the Free Trade Agreement signed between Colombia and the European Union in 2012, and aimed to inform exporters of current and future opportunities for agro-industrial products in the EU market. ProFound’s presentation addressed the European market for tropical and exotic fruits from Colombia, highlighting the relevant characteristics, trends & developments, market channels and buyer requirements [...]

Market Intelligence Cashew Nuts for CBI & IDH

January 3rd, 2013|

By request of CBI, ProFound has made a detailed & tailored analysis of European markets for sustainably-produced cashew nuts. This analysis was done in the framework of a pilot programme of IDH, with the ambition that in the next few years 20% of the cashew nuts imported into the Europe will be sustainably produced! The global results of this study have been recently published on IDH's website.