ProFound – Advisers In Development is a consultancy company. We support local import generation and sustainable sourcing by linking natural ingredients producers to the market. We are a team of 10 experts in developing sustainable value chains for natural ingredients for food, cosmetics and health.

See our team page for more information about our individual qualities and motivations. Or read about ProFound’s mission and principles on our About us page.

ProFound develops sustainable value chains of natural ingredients. We do so through four solutions: Market Analysis, Business Planning, Rural Finance and Market Access.

Our solutions focus on business. We believe entrepreneurs make the difference. Our solutions provide them with incentives and capacities to capture economic opportunities, make their supply chains more sustainable and improve circumstances in the communities they work in.

Our team has experience in many countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Southeastern Europe. Currently, we have projects in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ethiopia, South Africa, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Colombia. See our pages with stories from the field to learn what we do in these countries.

ProFound believes a sustainably managed value chain of natural ingredient can transform rural areas. Natural ingredients provide much needed income for collectors and farmers and business opportunities for entrepreneurs. At the same time, sustainable collection or cultivation in biodiverse production systems can improve soils and sustain biodiversity. Finally, our 25+ years of experience in natural ingredients makes this the sector where ProFound can contribute most to sustainable development.

We define natural ingredients as raw and processed materials based on wild-collection or cultivation. We work with value-added natural ingredients for food, health and cosmetics industries with a particular interest in non-commodity ingredients.

We consider CSR as integral to developing sustainable value chains in the natural ingredients sector. In our approach we contribute in particular to local economic development and maintaining biodiversity. We believe local economic development can be achieved by ensuring fair incomes and working conditions, not only with the suppliers we support directly but also for collectors and farmers that supply them. This goes hand in hand with coaching suppliers to sustain and regenerate biodiversity by protecting plants and soils.

We work for a variety of clients, ranging from government agencies, multilateral institutions, NGOs to businesses. Our main clients are working in the field of trade promotion, private sector and rural development, sustainability and standards and certification. See our clients page to learn more about our work for specific clients.

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