Sustainable Sourcing For Buyers

The global system of supply and demand for food, health and cosmetic products is coming under increasing pressure from the impacts of climate change, population increase, a growing demand for limited resources and changing diets and trends. Consumers too, are increasingly seeking reassurance that businesses are managing their supply chains sustainably.

“Business needs to be an active contributor to finding the solutions that have an impact on society,” Paul Polman (Unilever). “After all, if business cannot show what positive impact it has, why should the citizens let this business be around?”

Across sourcing companies worldwide realisation is growing that building a secure and sustainable supply chain not only makes good business sense. To act in line with wider stakeholder and societal interests, is the future. Moreover, building a more resilient supply chain brings competitive advantage, with better managed impact of change, and it stimulates innovation, increases productivity and meets customer demands.

But how to find suitable partners, how to educate suppliers, stimulate loyalty, ensure quality and consistency, as well as deal with the right benefit sharing?


ProFound pioneers in natural ingredients

ProFound is an advisory firm that connects buyers to suppliers of natural ingredients worldwide.  From its beginnings as a pioneer in natural ingredients trade promotion in 1990, ProFound has grown into a team of experts in developing sustainable, preferably organic value chains for natural ingredients for food, cosmetics and health.

Our main objectives are traceable, safe, sustainable and organic value chains, creating an agro-biodiverse landscape (with healthy soils and water management). We include wild-collection of interesting medicinal plans, spices and herbs, and apiculture.

“Did you know that the principal active ingredient in liquorice roots, glycyrrhizin, normally occurs at concentrations roughly three times higher in wild than in cultivated roots?” – FairWild Foundation

Stronger cost effective and traceable supply

As pioneer in natural ingredients we find and work with suppliers all over the world. We screen suppliers and provide training and one-on-one assistance to suppliers to guide them in the steps towards export markets. We regularly organise buyer missions or can provide these on demand, so as to establish a possible relationship with a new supplier. From helping you build innovative stories around products to tracing them, from benefit sharing to technological solutions for soil care, from certification readiness to pre-auditing: on each step in the supply chain ProFound can help you build  a stronger and more cost effective, traceable supply.



ProFound Packages

We have a number of packages available for buyers to use for their sustainable sourcing practices.

1. Market Potential Tool

Our Market Potential Tool is a quick assessment tool to analyse export and market potential of a range of products for Europe and the United States. The tool also helps to select high-potential products for a sector or value chain analysis.

2. Supply Feasibility

Supply Feasibility identifies products for which it is feasible to build a sustainable value chain with access and benefit sharing opportunities. We look into economic (e.g. local value addition potential), environmental (sustainable production options), technological and social aspects (e.g. involvement of e.g. youth and/or women in the value chain).

3. Compliance Tool

Our one-stop Compliance Tool eases documentation, traceability and sustainability of production chains so as to make compliance more affordable. It saves up to 30% of annual inspection time and reduces the necessary documentation and administration for combined certification by over 50%.                                                                                                       logos

4. Story-telling, Marketing & Branding

Whether it entails Jatamansi from Nepal, medicinal plants from Palestine, moringa from Zambia or forest garden tea from Sri Lanka, ProFound supports brands and buyers to create stories that match consumer demand and trends. With our 25+ years background in studies of natural ingredients, recommendations on product market combinations and worldwide trends, we provide buyers valuable insights into their marketing and branding opportunities. 

5. Buyer Mission

We regularly bring international buyers to producing countries to enhance supplier-buyer relationships. Nothing compares to first-hand experiences and face-to-face contact. Buyers can go with set Buyer Missions or ProFound can arrange a unique private mission tailored towards your wishes.

6. Pre-audits

Our Technical Assistance supports buyers to find the right suppliers for their products. We provide thorough screening of suppliers as well as training and direct assistance to entrepreneurs to prepare them for the first steps towards export markets.

Good for All

Every day, thousands of our suppliers help us make our products. If we can work together with you and your farmers to be more sustainable, our small actions really will add up to a big difference.


We aim for supply & development that lasts, adding value for buyers, producers and sustaining local biodiversity.