ProFound’s sister company in Kenya Green Rhino  witnessed much progress in 2019:

Training of the Jarine team on value of HGC to aggregators (Green Rhino 2019)

We finalised activities under SNV’s ‘Kenya Market-led Horticulture Programme (HortIMPACT)’, working hard on demand and supply side factors to improve food safety issues in Kenya. We organised Producer-Farmer and Consumer Focus Group discussions concerning our focus products tomatoes and leafy vegetables. Moreover, the 3 pilots on food safety protocols with a producer group, a processor, a supermarket and restaurant chain continued.

SNV published a report on the projects, named HortIMPACT – The Story 2015-2019. Dutch Embassy First Secretary, Mrs Sanne Willems, mentions in the report that:

“HortIMPACT was successful encouraging private sector companies to work differently, take certain risks and do more in terms of reaching out to SME farmers, specifically those active in horticulture, willing to go for quality and get better access to markets. The project did not subsidise the new services carried out by its private sector partners, but the development of these services, a crucial element to the sustainability of businesses. Looking at the future, there is still a need for more systemic change in food safety, market access and the reduction of food losses. Moreover, changes in the climate and water availability will continue to influence the production of safe food. The Netherlands, therefore, commits to continue working in the horticulture sector, be it through our trade support, research, policy-influencing programmes and climate-focused development programmes”.


Preparation for sample collection; Green Rhino team, Instaveg, SNV representative

Water sample collection from a canal in Kirinyaga

New project for Green Rhino in 2020

Green Rhino stays committed to this same purpose and is expanding on the earlier pilots to mainstream food-safe produce in Kenya’s markets, and step up efforts to engage regional and international trade. Besides engaging with climate smart agriculture initiatives, Green Rhino has recently partnered with ProFound to assist in a mapping exercise of the Kenyan Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Sector for Dutch Government Agency CBI. Aim is to assess opportunities for cooperation with initiatives which can support CBI’s mission to contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth in Kenya by connecting SMEs in the FFV sector to the European market.

This activity will continue in 2020, including an opportunity study in which Green Rhino and ProFound will advise CBI on potential synergies for its export development services.