Paving Colombia’s way to the international cocoa market

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ProFound’s senior consultant Gustavo Ferro spent the last few weeks in Colombia, where he has worked in different activities of Swisscontact’s Colombia + Competitiva (C+C) programme. Gustavo is part of Swisscontact’s Swiss Expert Network (SEN), and has been advising on C+C’s specialty cocoa projects. The specialty cocoa sector in Colombia has an enormous potential to thrive. The country has a pallet of around 9 cocoa-producing regions with diverse agro-climatic and social characteristics. Colombia’s cocoa bean production reached new records in 2017, at over 60 thousand tonnes. Challenges in Colombia's cocoa bean exports  At the moment, only around 20% of Colombia’s [Read more]

Market entry for Ethiopian honey processors

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Kasper Kerver and Jesse Bloemendaal of ProFound held a 3-day marketing strategy workshop for Ethiopian bee product processors in Addis Ababa. After short theoretical introductions of the different topics in a marketing strategy, the participants of the workshop developed their own marketing strategies through exercises and private counselling sessions with the consultants. This workshop was the kick-off for a long-term commitment by ProFound to support companies with their marketing strategy and business planning. Entrepreneurs delivering a high-quality marketing strategy are invited to participate in local and international trade fairs and other matchmaking opportunities. The first participants of the workshop have [Read more]

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