Europe faces insufficient honey and beeswax supplies But because the bee population is decreasing globally. ProFound helps Ethiopian suppliers fill this gap on the honey market.

Sri Lanka is an important tea supplier to Europe, but sustainability of tea is not always assured.  Farmers don’t earn a decent wage and soils are depleted. To solve these issues, ProFound developed a truly sustainable value chain in Sri Lanka, going beyond standard certification schemes.

With its unique local biodiversity, South Africa is a great source of inspiration for European cosmetic producers. But, there are still very few South African products on the European market. ProFound developed an export strategy for natural ingredients with ministries, companies business associations and universities, creating an enabling environment for companies.

Due to growing global demand for pine nuts, they are collected unsustainably from forests in Pakistan, leaving local populations with few alternatives. With our NI-CheckApp, we help companies with sustainable collection and proper resource management.

At ProFound, we believe sustainability and economic development go hand in hand. In Southeast Asia where deforestation rates are high and biodiversity is endangered, we use our expertise in BioTrade development to create economic opportunities while protecting the biodiversity.