Trade fair preperation series

Trade Fairs offer many opportunities to meet with potential buyers and find information about your target market. To be able to make your participation a success you should prepare well.

We have prepared 8 video’s for you with key tips to you make your participation a success!

Why are trade fairs interesting for your business?

Selling in an unfamiliar country is not easy, trade fairs help you overcome physical and cultural barriers. It will also help you come into contact with international buyers from all over the world. At trade fairs you get the possibility to meet your target market.

In this first video we share some facts that will help you understand the importance of trade fairs.

Watch the video below and find out how your business can benefit from participating in trade fair.

What to prepare before the trade fair?

There are many different trade fairs taking place every year. They all focus on different audiences and products. That is why before you start preparing, you should find out which trade fair is the best for your company. You need to decide which trade fair fits best your products, budget and target audience.

You can also participate in digital trade fairs which are generally cheaper than physical trade fairs. However, in these digital events is also harder to engage with potential new buyers.

After you have chosen the right trade fair you can start to prepare for your chosen event. To help you choose the right trade fair, and to help you prepare for it we have prepared the videos below.

At ProFound we offer the oppportunity to participate in a shared stand during BioFach in the Biotrade Asia Pavilion and the Organic Africa Pavilion. These offer several visibility and matchmaking advantages.

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Organic Africa Pavilion ProFound
BioTrade Asia Pavilion BioFach eSpecial 2021

What to bring to a trade fair?

It is important to check if you have prepared and brought everything you need to the fair. You should consider bringing your stand products, promotional materials and samples.

You should also consider to check whether transportation and hotels are properly organised.

More explanation and tips are provided in the video.

Things to remember during your participation

Keep in mind that during the trade fair you have to be on top of everything and make sure that everything is well managed and properly maintained. Besides that, you also have to work on your matchmaking during the fair. Make sure that the division of roles within your team are clear to avoid conflict or confusion.

The videos below will give you some tips about stand management and matchmaking at a trade fair.

Are you ready to start exporting?

Before investing in exhibiting at a trade fair you should assess whether you are ready to start exporting. If you are not ready yet, maybe you can consider visiting some trade fairs a couple of times before exhibiting.

Wondering where you stand in the Export-Readiness Roadmap?

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After the Fair

Once the fair is over you should follow up with your potential buyers and contact them immediately. But, how to do it?

Another important step after a trade fair is to evaluate your participation, reflect on what you will do differently next time, and if you have chosen the right fair for your product.

Make sure to watch this video to see how to follow up with buyers and, what are the best practices to evaluate your participation.

Digital Trade Fairs

Digital trade fairs can have many benefits. For example, they are cheaper and last longer, and you do not have to travel in order to attend.

They also have a big advantage when it comes to the creation of a lead database, since all the information is available for you online.

In the last video we will explain you the advantages and disadvantages of digital trade fairs, and things you should consider when you want to participate in a digital trade fair.

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