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BioTrade Asia Pavilion

You can now apply to be a co-exhibitor at the BioTrade Asia Pavilion 2025 until 1st September 2024!

BioTrade Asia Pavilion at BioFach – The meeting place for BioTrade and Organic Asian exporters with BioFach visitors

The BioTrade Asia Pavilion at BioFach is a recent initiative from ProFound.

Loss of biodiversity is a worldwide threat. However, in Southeast Asia deforestation rates are critically endangering the region’s biodiversity. This region houses six of the world’s 25 biodiversity hotspots.

Biodiversity is vital to the livelihoods of communities. The sustainable use of biodiversity resources is important for both long-term economic development and the future of our planet. Biodiverse ecosystems also provide water and soil retention and pollination.

This is why BioTrade development is key in this region and why ProFound has decided to organise the BioTrade Asia Pavilion. ProFound’s expertise in BioTrade development in Southeast Asia, in addition to its wide network of buyers makes it a reliable partner to support Asian companies in promoting their products at BioFach.

 Our unique offer


  • Export readiness assessment: We will assess if you are ready to participate at BioFach and at the BioTrade Asia Pavilion
  • Digital Marketing and online presence preparation
  • Trade fair preparation 

During the fair

  • Advice and on-site training on trade fair participation
  • Organising your stand within the pavilion with a professional concept, look and feel
  • Professional company/country promotion at the fair
  • Pick and choose additional modules to match your needs and budget, such as documentation, matchmaking, follow-up on business leads and competitor tours 

After the fair

  • Follow up webinars, advice and support
  • Associated online platforms

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Previous participants of the BioTrade Asia Pavilion at BioFach eSpecial 2021

  • Snacks Mandalay Chilli (2)
  • Paline ProFound 2

Participants of the BioTrade Asia Pavilion at BioFach 2022

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