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What is compliance and why is it important in the natural ingredient sector?

To access new markets, suppliers need to meet requirements of markets and business partners. Buyers expect safe, traceable, sustainable, and well-documented products. To meet these expectations, compliance is vital.

ProFound assists companies and support organisations in developing products and processes to become compliant with market requirements. Moreover, we make sure that suppliers can identify issues, recognize opportunities, and develop solutions to eventually show an interesting and competitive product offer.

What can ProFound do for you with its compliance services?

We help companies to meet and exceed buyer expectations. How? By covering every marketing aspect. We support your company with traceable sourcing, meeting quality standards and adding value. Together we think about strategies on how to document and promote your company’s/sector’s Unique Selling Point.

Altogether, we provide support to improve your business capacities We cover strategy, planning and implementation aspects. For this, we use our up-to-date market knowledge and large network in the agricultural and natural ingredients markets.

What compliance services does ProFound offer?

ProFound supports companies in various ways, by offering certification trajectory support, and sector and action planning.

> Certification trajectory for natural ingredients

We support companies in improving their quality management, standards, and documentation necessary to obtain certification. For this we use our compliance tool. Indeed, we have developed a compliance tool for natural ingredients, called the NI-CheckApp. This way, we offer a convenient and cheaper certification process. This service includes intensive training to guide companies on their road to certification.

> Sector and action planning

At ProFound we help organise and strategize stakeholders representing a sector or a product group. We facilitate improved collaboration, and help you identify and define a strong offer for the (inter)national market. We explore market potential and analyse relevant market players and competitors. We know that sector planning is never a one-size-fits-all solution. 

ProFound works by connecting people. Together we explore your visions and ambitions. We help to discover common goals. As a next step, we dive into how we can translate this vision into an operational action plan. The aim is to help achieve real and sustainable change in the agricultural and natural ingredients sector. To learn more about our experience in sector and action planning, check our work done in South Africa within the natural ingredient sector.

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