ProFound has started up tailored studies for CBI and PROECUADOR, the Institute for the Promotion of Exports and Investments in Ecuador. ProFound will research export opportunities for two sectors:chocolate and quinoa; both appealing, but also challenging markets. For chocolate, it is difficult for developing country exporters to engage directly with EU retailers and consumers due to hurdles such as marketing and distribution costs. At the same time, quinoa sales in Europe remain limited, and are highly dominated by Peru and Bolivia. Therefore, ProFound will pay specific attention on how to position Ecuadorian exporters on these markets.

These studies are conducted as part of the cooperation between CBI, PROECUADOR, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration of Ecuador with the objective to contribute to exports enhancement through ‘triple diversification’, i.e. the diversification of (1) exportable products and services, (2) destination markets and (3) of exporters.