Supporting ProEcuador’s business intelligence

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ProEcuador was established recently to widen and deepen the Ecuadorian export offer and to support Ecuadorian companies that want to enter export markets. ProEcuador has established a business intelligence and export support team to provide market intelligence and advice. Next to building a stronger sector specialisation within these teams, there is also a need for capacity building on how to do research, how to analyse outcomes to meet the specific needs of Ecuadorian exporters and how to present information in a user friendly way. Using the market intelligence products developed by ProFound on quinoa and chocolate, staff of these departments [Read more]

ProEcuador seminars: quinoa and chocolate

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ProFound’s consultant Robbie Hogervorst recently conducted two dissemination workshops in Quino, Ecuador. These were a follow-up activity of market intelligence products developed by ProFound for ProEcuador and Ecuadorian SME exporters of quinoa and chocolate. In close coordination with ProEcuador and CBI product experts, around 40 companies were provided with the highlights of these studies. Subjects discussed included product requirements and development trends, marketing requirements, legislative requirements, market trends, market channels and segments and promotion trends. Based on these highlights, the trainers discussed market entry and product development options. Through different group assignments, the companies reviewed their product portfolio and capacities [Read more]

Tailored Market Intelligence: CBI & Pro Ecuador

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ProFound has started up tailored studies for CBI and PROECUADOR, the Institute for the Promotion of Exports and Investments in Ecuador. ProFound will research export opportunities for two sectors:chocolate and quinoa; both appealing, but also challenging markets. For chocolate, it is difficult for developing country exporters to engage directly with EU retailers and consumers due to hurdles such as marketing and distribution costs. At the same time, quinoa sales in Europe remain limited, and are highly dominated by Peru and Bolivia. Therefore, ProFound will pay specific attention on how to position Ecuadorian exporters on these markets. These studies are conducted [Read more]

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