Thinking of Vietnam, most people picture beautiful country sides, rice fields, mountains and cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Tea and honey hardly come to mind. ProFound is taking up the challenge to find the opportunities for these lesser known Vietnamese products on the European market.


Vietnam produces high quality tea, but the country’s reputation has not yet spread to Europe. The case is different for Vietnamese honey. In 2007, Vietnamese honey was banned from the European market. Since the ban lifted in 2013, Vietnam has been working to re-establish its key position in the global honey trade.

To investigate the potential in Europe for these two sectors, Vietrade, the Vietnamese Trade Promotion Agency, and CBI have employed ProFound to research them. The company T&C Consulting in Vietnam has analysed the tea and honey sectors in Vietnam. ProFound is conducting a GAP analysis to determine which of the identified products have the most potential in Europe. At the end of May, a Vietnamese delegation joined European companies in the Netherlands for roundtable discussions on the tea and honey markets and Vietnam as a supplier.