Creating Good Jobs in Ethiopia

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Export and Business Development for Ethiopian Agribusinesses The backbone of the Ethiopian economy is agriculture, which provides employment for approximately 68% of the working population and represents 30% of GDP. With over 40% of the Ethiopian population being under the age of 15, the Ethiopian government must facilitate the creation of millions of jobs a year to ensure the reduction in the labour surplus. Consequently, and for the past two decades, the Ethiopian government’s strategy for economic development is the structural transformation of the economy from low- to high-productivity agriculture, value-addition and industrialisation. In conjunction with the GIZ project, [Read more]

Spices & other food ingredients: meet the entrepreneurs on the Organic Africa Pavilion 2020

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Come taste the rich biodiversity of the African continent at the Organic Africa Pavilion 2020 (BioFach*, Hall 3A - 320 & 322). The pavilion will host exhibitors with a wide variety of ingredients such as; Gum Acacia (Instant Powder and 100% spray), Honey, Bourbon Vanilla pods, Vanilla for industrial use, cocoa beans, cassava and chia seeds. Some of the products at the pavilion: Vanilla is one of the most popular spices in the world and an important ingredient in many products. The exotic Comoros Islands east of Africa have traditionally been an important source of high-quality vanilla to satisfy [Read more]

Ethiopian honey value chains become stronger

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ProFound and its partners SNV, Enclude and EAB are developing solutions together with processors in Ethiopia to improve the quality of their honey. Some solutions only require strict application of Standard Operating Procedures within the processing facility. Other solutions require intense cooperation with beekeepers. See our story on organic honey from Ethiopia to learn more about our work with beekeepers in Ethiopia. During a training by ProFound's consultant Kasper Kerver, processors and supporting institutions such as the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries and the Agricultural Transformation Agency learned how honey exporters can set and meet quality expectations of their (international) buyers. [Read more]

Ethiopian organic honey & beeswax enter European market

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With support of ProFound, Ethiopian honey processors in the ASPIRE programme made great progress over the past three years. They set up organic certified supply chains, installed processing equipment, imported drums for packaging and tackled other export and quality problems in the challenging Ethiopian business environment. COMEL, Yerkisho and Zembaba Union managed to export their first containers of organic certified honey to Europe. These exports are good news for their beekeepers who benefit tremendously from the honey trade. From February 12 to 19, four Ethiopian honey processors and several government representatives visited Germany for a trade mission organised by ProFound. [Read more]

Stakeholders meeting results in 18 action points to develop the Ethiopian Honey sector

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The main stakeholders in the Ethiopian honey sector committed to an action plan for the sector in a meeting organised by ProFound and SNV. The resulting 18 action points address issues ranging from problems with out-grower schemes to opportunities for quality improvement. This type of sector action planning is a huge improvement from the independent, fragmented actions of the stakeholders in previous years. It has the potential to transform the honey sector into one of the most profitable agribusiness sectors of the country. The stakeholders have taken responsibility for their tasks and agreed to commit their resources for timely delivery of [Read more]

PF brokerage service delivers steel drum packaging for Ethiopian honey suppliers

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After ProFound brokered a deal for the supply of steel drums to Ethiopia, the first container with drums for honey packaging arrived at the processing company Babichi. The empty drums came from ProFound’s partner in Europe who is interested in supplying drums in return for quality honey. The drums are crucial for Babichi and other Ethiopian honey suppliers to successfully export to Europe, because many European buyers only accept honey packed in steel drums. The use of plastic drums poses a higher risk of quality deterioration during transport and storage and they may collapse when stacked. ProFound studied various options [Read more]

Making high quality products for Europe

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ProFound consultant Kasper Kerver prepared ten Ethiopian entrepreneurs for their exports to international markets. He coached honey, pulses and seeds producers on quality and Food Safety Management and what international buyers expect from them. During the training, Kasper Kerver explained international buyers’ specific requirements for high quality products and Food Safety Management. The participants exercised with HACCP planning and received recommendations on their options for certification. Food Safety Management is a critical bottleneck to export honey, pulses and seeds to international markets. Many Ethiopian producers understand that international buyers want ‘high quality’ products, but don’t know exactly what they mean by that. [Read more]

Championing Vietnamese tea and honey

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Thinking of Vietnam, most people picture beautiful country sides, rice fields, mountains and cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Tea and honey hardly come to mind. ProFound is taking up the challenge to find the opportunities for these lesser known Vietnamese products on the European market. Vietnam produces high quality tea, but the country’s reputation has not yet spread to Europe. The case is different for Vietnamese honey. In 2007, Vietnamese honey was banned from the European market. Since the ban lifted in 2013, Vietnam has been working to re-establish its key position in the global honey trade. To [Read more]

Ethiopian honey processors prepare orders

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Following their successful participation in BioFach and Gulfood with support from ProFound, Ethiopian honey processors are preparing orders from their buyers. During a visit to Ethiopia in March, ProFound gave advice to these processors on their action plans. While sourcing of honey during the next harvest season in May is already on their radar, processors still need to secure steel drums for the export of this honey. In cooperation with several processors and the Ethiopian Apiculture Board, ProFound is consolidating orders for cost-efficient import of steel drums to address this potential bottleneck. With many new inexperienced exporters entering the sector, [Read more]

Bringing Ethiopian honey and beeswax to Biofach

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Biofach, the world’s largest trade fair for organic food, set the stage for the first trade fair participation of five Ethiopian honey processors, supported by ProFound. These companies are ready to start exporting honey to Europe: the trade fair in Nürnberg was the first, very successful, step to find buyers for their honey. We found an overwhelming interest in honey and beeswax from Ethiopia. On average, the exhibitors collected 25-30 business leads per company. We also brought four additional honey processors to the trade fair in Nürnberg for a study tour. Though not yet ready for exports, these companies are [Read more]

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