ProFound caught up with the latest trends for natural ingredients at in-cosmetics fair, in Paris. We saw that natural and performance are still key to the industry, and product launches are booming.


Cosmetic manufacturers are always interested in new natural ingredients, which were presented at the fair. Producers are also using existing natural products in new ways: in new applications for existing products or processing natural ingredients into completely new functional or active ingredients.

Brands continue to find inspiration for cosmetics in food ingredients. Think of a youth-activating serum that contains chia seed extract. Or an energizing face cream that actually smells like coffee.

Technology plays a greater role in cosmetic products. In the near future, consumers will actually track the efficacy of their beauty products, which will put more pressure on cosmetic brands to substantiate performance. Several companies presented actives with cell communication properties for greater effectiveness.

In new product launches, there was a strong focus on products that restore energy; ingredients that manage or protect against ageing; sun-care products; and anti-pollution actives. The move to palm oil-free cosmetic products or products with RSPO-certified palm oil is also picking up speed, as concerns over sustainability issues of palm oil grow.

In-cosmetics 2016 included two new features aimed at formulation experts. In the Formulation Lab, exhibitors gave practical trainings to chemists on their newest ingredients. Because texture and sensoriality are hot topics in cosmetics, the fair opened a Sensory Bar where visitors could actually feel the different textures of cosmetics.