Consumer demand for safe fruits and vegetables in Kenya is continuously growing. However, domestic suppliers cannot keep up with this demand.

hgc-logoThis is why Healthy Green Choice (HGC) aims to develop a new market and new channels for safe food in Kenya, promoting responsible products and farmers. We have food safety and biodiversity at our core, offering economic incentives for producers to go the extra mile.

Next to compliance with food safety requirements (such as HACCP, GACP and GlobalGAP), Healthy Green Choice will look into innovations across the value chain such as soil testing, traceability and rural financing.

Partners onboard

The HGC project is an initiative from Green Rhino, ProFound’s sister-company in Kenya. HGC is developing an inclusive, demand-driven model. To achieve our objectives, we work through partnerships with other (private) organisations that share the vision and importance of food safety and biodiversity.

We are developing partnerships with e-service providers such as AgriPlace, eProd Solutions and Dodore Foundation, youth employment organisations such as Alternatives , soil-testing initiatives such as Soil Cares Foundation, financial institutions such as Acre Africa and Shared Interest, as well as aggregators and other market players such as Organic Farmers Market, Molly Flowers and Wakulima Marigiti.

healthy-green-choice-websiteWhat’s next?

In the next months, we will select key competitive products and deliver them to the marketplace, validating the business case for safe food production. Healthy Green Choice will coordinate the development of the safe ecosystem and marketplace, working together with our partners to match specific products to the back and front-end market.

The activity will also build individual capacities of the different players regarding food safety, working with them over time to boost and diversify their production of healthy green choices.

For more information please contact James Sablerolles.