Moringa is one of the new superfoods, the leaves of this plant  are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Though a niche market in Europe, it has the potential to grow rapidly, if European buyers can position moringa as a healthy, natural and organic superfood. To do this, buyers need reliable suppliers of organic certified moringa. 

This is one of the conclusions of our analysis of the European moringa market for the Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO). With this study, we want to show Dutch buyers the potential of Zambian moringa. The study also aims to support investments in the Zambian moringa sector. 

Between March 21st and March 30th, our consultant Kasper Kerver will assess current capacities and developments on the ground in Zambia. Kasper looks forward to meeting with stakeholders in the sector: nurseries, farmers, traders, exporters, the Zambian Development Agency and NGOs with an interest in this sector. 

Are you interested in the potential of Zambian moringa? Or do you want to learn more about the European market? Contact Kasper: