CBI chose ProFound to conduct their new market research on the coffee and cocoa sectors. For the next four years, our expert in coffee and cocoa, Lisanne Groothuis and Gustavo Ferro, are investigating these sectors. The aim is to strengthen the competitive position of coffee and cocoa producers and exporters.

For these studies we analyse key and emerging trade flows between producing countries and the European market. We also look at the main trends in the European coffee and cocoa sectors. Using these inputs, we carefully set out all buyer requirements and give practical tips to producers and exporters. These will help them to find European buyers and get their products successfully to the European market.

As part of our research strategy, we visit leading companies in the European market. Also, we will visit a range of trade fairs. This weekend we are getting the latest developments in the coffee sector at the World of Coffee in Berlin. Do you want to discuss the developments on the coffee market with us in Berlin? Contact Gustavo Ferro or Lisanne Groothuis.