Sesame seeds at the Organic Africa Pavilion 2021

This year, the Organic Africa Pavilion at BioFach eSpecial will be presenting Elpis Distribution International and their sesame seeds. Read the article below to know more about these sesame seeds at the Organic Africa Pavilion 2021.

Elpis Distribution International

About Elpis Distribution International

Elpis Distribution International is a Burkina Faso company specialised in the country’s traditional and processed products. It works with several women associations both in Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast.

The vision of the company is to contribute to the development of the country by offering healthy products, with high qualities within the reach of all companies. It also contributes to poverty reduction, particularly by focusing on the employment of women.

Elpis has two main objectives. First, give these small producers an opportunity by connecting them with buyers who offer more attractive terms of sale. Second, form alliances with actors so that the associations can increase their production capacity.

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About Elpis Sesame seeds

For the supply of organic sesame the company works with the GIE BIOPROTECT B. This group consists of 2171 certified organic sesame producers with several production areas in Burkina Faso. GIE BIOPROTECT B benefits from the technical support of ARFA. Most sesame is currently exported to France.

Other organic products that the company produces include:

–          Sesame: 1000 tons a year

–          Shea butter: 500 tons a year

–          Moringa leaves: 200 tons a year

–          Moringa powder: 200 tons a year


Elpis sesame seeds are certified organic by ECOCERT. 

Elpis Sesame seeds Technical Fact Sheet

Elpis Technical Fact Sheet


Elpis sesame seeds ProFound samples


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