We focus on enhancing sustainable sourcing

Sustainable value chains start with sustainable sourcing. By sourcing sustainably entrepreneurs can assure sufficient raw materials for their production today, without depleting resources for the future. Suppliers of natural ingredients based on wild collection can do so by conducting a thorough resource assessment. This tells them how much they can sustainably harvest from ecosystems without endangering regeneration of their raw material resources. When their raw material is cultivated, suppliers need to develop production methods that do not deplete soils or their water supply. Finally, by paying decent prices to collectors or farmers, suppliers further reduce risks and volatility in their raw material supply chain.

Sustainable sourcing mission at ProFoundProFound contributes to sustainable sourcing with suppliers in emerging markets in two simple steps. Firstly, by raising awareness of what sustainable sourcing entails. Why it is important for the suppliers businesses. Secondly, by assisting suppliers in implementing sustainable sourcing in their supply chain, from start to finish in order to create sustainable value chains. For example, by using our unique approach it is possible to easily and conveniently implement four wild collection standards at once, lowering internal and certification costs. Alternatively, we support farmers to cultivate their crop in biodiverse production systems which protect soil and water.

ProFound works on sustainable sourcing in Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

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