On March 28, the programme to develop Ethiopia’s beekeeping sector was launched officially.

ProFound was not only in Ethiopia to witness the launch and discuss programme management with its partners, but also to deliver first results. A round table discussion initiated a Quality Assurance Scheme covering the entire value chain. Companies, government representatives, sector organisations, research institutes and consultants brainstormed on the Quality Assurance Scheme to prepare a list of actions, which will be followed up by the newly established Quality Assurance taskforce.

ProFound also provided a three-day workshop to introduce representatives of diverse companies and sector organisations to market analysis. During this workshop, participants received information on the European honey market, learned about market research processes and did exercises with data collection, filtering and analysis.

ProFound’s next visit to Ethiopia is scheduled for May, when a strategic planning exercise will be held with the Ethiopian Honey and Beeswax Producers and Exporters Association (EHBPEA).