Together with its consortium partner Klaus Dürbeck Consulting (KDC), ProFound has won the tender for the CBI Export Development and Promotion Programmes for Natural Ingredients in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Covering a period of 4 years, the programmes aim to improve the export competitiveness of SMEs in developing countries, through tailored interventions at company and institutional level.

The programmes affect the full value chain of the natural ingredients sector. To optimally improve export promotion, CBI integrates different services in the framework of its programmes. The integrated programmes are focused on the key actors, influencers and supporters of the export value chain. Services targeting the exporters during the programme are aimed at internal company conditions which are critical for export success, notably market knowledge, product(ion process) adaptation, quality management, and export marketing and management. The programmes may focus on specific themes such as market standards, certification, design, strategic alliances, and CSR.