ProFound joins Helvetas in regional BioTrade in Southeast Asia

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ProFound has joined forces with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation and our partner Klaus Dürbeck Consulting for a Regional Biotrade Programme in Southeast Asia, specifically in Vietnam, Lao PDR and Myanmar. This four-year programme is funded by SECO, the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs. The programme aims to create biodiversity-related economic opportunities in Vietnam, Lao PDR and Myanmar, by creating business models for sustainably sourced, traceable and value-added natural ingredients. Such ethical Biotrade business models will aim to create functional economic relations between local communities, processing & exporting SMEs, and international buyers. The Biotrade business models will comply with national and international [Read more]

FairWild training in Kosovo

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On behalf of FairWild, Bert-Jan Ottens examined the protocols and assessed the participants of the training in FairWild Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), conducted by Klaus Dürbeck and Stefan Lermer (Klaus Dürbeck Consulting) in November 2014. The training took place in the context of a GIZ-supported programme for sustainable wild-collection in Kosovo. Subjects covered the procedures for resource assessment and resource management by resource owners and users, including field training in transects for resource measurement.

CBI’s Natural Ingredients programme in Afghanistan and Pakistan

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Together with its consortium partner Klaus Dürbeck Consulting (KDC), ProFound has won the tender for the CBI Export Development and Promotion Programmes for Natural Ingredients in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Covering a period of 4 years, the programmes aim to improve the export competitiveness of SMEs in developing countries, through tailored interventions at company and institutional level. The programmes affect the full value chain of the natural ingredients sector. To optimally improve export promotion, CBI integrates different services in the framework of its programmes. The integrated programmes are focused on the key actors, influencers and supporters of the export value chain. Services [Read more]

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