During the second strategic workshop for natural ingredients in South Africa on the 1st of July 2016, sector stakeholders set clear objectives and actions to increase exports of natural ingredients. Objectives were set along the value chain, from establishing a sustainable value chain, to processing according to international requirements, and commercialisation to the right market with the right certification and marketing tools. Objectives were also set to improve the business enabling environment and legislation, and connect research and the private sector.


These objectives were translated in specific actions such as:

  • – Developing CSR tools to help companies implement CSR
  • – Subsidies for companies to rent processing capacities to start production or to help pay for ¬† ¬† ¬†certification.
  • – Mentorship of emerging exporters by more developed companies

The workshop included 60 representatives from the public, academic and the private sector. For the first time, all relevant ministries and public institutions were brought together to discuss the future of the sector with ingredient producers to make sure private sector needs are met. Outcomes will be used for a final workshop in October 2016 to come to an export strategy and make sure relevant stakeholders support the strategy and understand their responsibilities and commitments within this strategy.