In 2016, ProFound engaged with local marketing companies in Kosovo to strengthen their capacities to support food processors. After implementing a series of activities in the food-processing sector in Kosovo, we were ready to equip local providers with the skills needed to sustain future interventions. Like in earlier activities in the country, ProFound trained the Kosovar marketing companies in the framework of Swisscontact’s Promoting Private Sector Employment programme.


The activities implemented in this project served to make Kosovar marketing companies more proficient in supporting local food-processing companies in their export marketing ambitions. For ProFound, this trajectory helped us build our capacities in knowledge exchange with local partners.

From sector needs to joint solutions

The need to support local marketing companies was identified during earlier assessments and interventions by ProFound. These experiences served as a basis to build the curriculum used for this training, which was delivered in Prishtina (September 2016).

The training lessons were applied at the trade fair SIAL, in Paris (October 2016). A second event, Slow Food (Zürich, November 2016), consolidated the marketing service. During these events, ProFound shared their knowledge and contacts with local provider CEO-KOS, and helped them identify the needs of food processors at international trade fairs.