Pukka Herbs and ProFound are ready to pilot our Natural Ingredients (NI) CheckApp for wild ingredients in India. We will use this tool to help Pukka Herbs establish clear, agreeable sustainability best practices and minimum guidelines with their suppliers.

“One of the challenges faced by some of our suppliers is that we require both organic and FairWild certification; this currently requires two separate audits and two sets of documents, making it a time-consuming and costly undertaking. It is exciting to see that ProFound has created a tool that harmonises and simplifies some of the key certifications in our supply chain.” – Ben Heron, Sustainable Herbs Manager Pukka Herbs


For Pukka Herbs the NI-CheckApp will make it easier to include new suppliers to their value chain. Many of these suppliers are too small to become certified now. The NI-CheckApp prepares them for future certification by ensuring they comply with the principles from voluntary standards, such as GACP, organic, FairWild and Fair (for example, Fair for Life).

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How can our NI-CheckApp work for you as supplier or buyer?

The NI-CheckApp provides easy, affordable guidance & documentation for both suppliers and buyers handling natural ingredients. You can use it to improve sustainability through your value chains. The tool focuses on key sustainability outputs for integrated certification (GACP, organic, FairWild and fair) and makes auditing more transparent.

The NI-CheckApp is highly customizable. Its outputs are designed to work like building blocks, allowing suppliers and buyers to highlight and address their challenges in making their value chain more sustainable.

Do you want to discuss how the NI-CheckApp can help improve the sustainability of your natural ingredients value chain? Contact James Sablerolles: mail@thisisprofound.com.