In 2017, ProFound launched the NI-CheckApp: a compliance tool for suppliers of wild-collected natural ingredients that would save time and money by harmonising multiple certification documentation. Now that we’re one year further, what have we achieved?

Documentation set is completeni-checkapp, ProFound, compliance tool

In the past year, we transformed the concept of the NI-CheckApp into reality. The tool now boasts a complete and integrated documentation set including the operator profile for wild collection for Organic, FairWild, Fair standards and GACP.

Control bodies buy into the use of NI-CheckApp

Control bodies such as Control Union and IMO/Ecocert are welcoming the use of the NI-CheckApp. They see that the tool can help simplify paperwork requirements for multiple certifications and can make multiple certifications a more attractive business decision for suppliers. The tool is also gaining traction from a Chinese based certification body (CSCA) that is now promoting the tool to its FairWild clients. 

Suppliers and buyers on board with NI-CheckApp

The response from the private sector has been positive. Pukka Herbs is interested in implementing the tool to improve the sustainability of its suppliers in India. There is also a growing interest from individual suppliers as the advantages of the tool are becoming noticed. Arbor Oils in Kenya just signed on to start using the tool.

“We are excited about using the NI-CkeckApp, as it will prepare us thoroughly for certification, reducing duplication of paperwork and save time for us in certification preparation. This will make a significant impact, reducing complexity and costs of certification.” – Hilary Sommerlate (Arbor Oils, Kenya)

More to come: digitalisation and inclusion of cultivated ingredients

The next step of the NI-CheckApp will be to go digital and include cultivated natural ingredients in its scope. By working with AgriPlace, an online compliance platform service provider, we will make the NI-CheckApp accessible and usable on a global scale, allowing many more suppliers to benefit from its use. The digital platform will further simplify the management process of compliance and documentation, saving time and costs.

Contact James now to learn how the NI-CheckApp will save you time and costs in your natural ingredients value chain.