Our consultant Kasper Kerver just returned from field research on moringa in Zambia. During his trip he was also interviewed for the national TV network ZNBC. In Kasper’s field research, he assessed current capacities and developments on the ground in Zambia. Kasper discussed the opportunities for moringa production with stakeholders in the sector. He visited nurseries, farmers, traders, exporters, the Zambian Development Agency and NGOs with an interest in this sector.

I see a big opportunity for Zambia in the global market for organic certified moringa. India, the main supplier of moringa, struggles with the organic certification of moringa.  – Kasper Kerver

Watch the video to hear Kasper’s insights in the opportunities of Zambia in the moringa market.  

This field research was part of a feasibility study for Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO). With this study, we want to show Dutch buyers the potential of Zambian moringa. The study also aims to support investments in the Zambian moringa sector. In the first part of the study, we analysed the European market for moringa

Do you want to learn more about the developments in the moringa sector in Zambia? Contact Kasper Kerver: kkerver@thisisprofound.com