At and around in-cosmetics, we’ve supported three companies from Nepal and Tunisia to meet potential buyers. These companies are part of the programmes of the Import Promotion Desk in these countries. They produce a wide range of organic essential and vegetable oils, such as jojoba oil, rosemary oil, and myrtle oil from Tunisia for Bio Orient, and lemongrass oil, palmarosa oil, wintergreen oil and chiuri butter from Nepal for Everest Aroma and Himalayan Biotrade.

 At in-cosmetics the companies met both new and existing buyers for their products. Afterwards, we met with three essential and vegetable oil buyers in Germany: in Münster, Hamburg and München. The companies are following up on these new business leads.

During the mission, the companies not only connected with new and existing buyers, but they also improved their understanding of the European cosmetic market. They worked on their export plan during a workshop on cosmetic legislation. We also did some market research with a retail tour to help the companies build their promotional story.

Interested to learn more about the companies and their products? Click on the links below, or contact Jolanda van Hal

bio-orient everest-aroma himalayan-biotrade