Moringa: Buyers say it will be a new trend soon, and the number of commercial moringa farmers in Zambia is growing. Farmers, investors, (inter)national buyers, government institutions and NGO’s are gearing towards exporting moringa leaves, leaf powder and seed oil from Zambia to Europe. ProFound has been studying the European market for moringa for many years and assessed the situation in Zambia to determine the market opportunities for Zambian suppliers and recommend market entry strategies.

The results of this study, commissioned by the Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO) are now available for everyone interested in the market potential of Zambian moringa. Click here to download the document.

Following up on this study, ProFound is taking the initiative to establish an out-grower scheme to produce moringa for export in compliance with strict requirements of the European market. If you plan to invest in a moringa business, would like to participate in our Organic Africa Pavillion with your moringa or if you see other partnership opportunities, please contact Kasper at