darwin-initiativeTogether with our partners TRAFFIC International and ANSAB (Asia Network for Sustainable and Bioresources), ProFound has been awarded funding by the Darwin Initiative through the UK Government for the project “Succeeding with CITES: Sustainable and equitable Jatamansi trade from Nepal”. 

Jatamansi (Nardostachys grandiflora) only grows naturally in the Himalayan range, mainly in Nepal, India and China. The root of this plant is used in traditional medicine. Its essential oil is also used in cosmetics and aromatherapy. 

Sustainability issues of Jatamansi

jatamansiHabitat loss and overexploitation of Jatamansi is leading to a degradation of the species, which poses future problems for the incomes of collectors. To protect future availability of Jatamansi, the species is listed on CITES, the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna. Collectors and traders need to take strict measures to ensure conservation of the species.

However, there are no economic incentives for trade in sustainably sourced CITES-listed species. The project in Nepal will develop a model for sustainable and equitable trade of Jatamansi from Nepal. This model is adapted to local circumstances and based on market demand. It will address threats to local income and healthcare from biodiversity loss, habitat degradation and declining access to natural resources. 

To solve these issues, the project will apply the FairWild standard, address quality and documentation deficiencies and match suppliers to European buyers of sustainably sources Jatamansi.  

Role of ProFound

ProFound will support the project with: 

  • Supply chain and company gap analyses, identification of value-adding opportunities in quality, process efficiency, value addition opportunities and bottlenecks.
  • Development of sector marketing strategies and translating these into action and market planning per operator
  • Development of a training strategy and tools appropriate for Nepal at the operator level
  • Training and coaching of companies on quality and efficiency, overcoming identified gaps
  • Connect Nepalese companies to the European market with B2B matchmaking, and support the development of marketing materials
  • Share and multiply outcomes by developing a business case and disseminating this business case to the international private sector.