On behalf of CBI, ProFound recently conducted a value chain analysis (VCA) for Palestinian medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs). We analysed both the supply side in Palestine and the European market to identify bottlenecks, opportunities and possible interventions to develop the Palestinian MAPs sector. CBI will use this VCA to determine if, how and with which partners they can develop a project in the State of Palestine.


Challenges for MAPs production in State of Palestine

The State of Palestine is known for its production of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, olive oil, dates and almonds. European buyers are interested to work with Palestinian MAP producers. But Palestinian production and exports of MAPs are limited. There is also very little production of MAPs derivatives, such as essential oils. Palestinian MAPs exporters need support in terms of business planning, market information, CSR and logistics to reach the European market.

ProFound is always identifying opportunities on international markets for exporters of natural ingredients. To learn more about our VCAs, check out our Market Analysis page.