Meet the Pineapple exporters at the Organic Africa Pavilion 2021

The Organic Africa Pavilion at BioFach eSpecial will introduce two exhibitors specialised in pineapples from Togo. Solaris a fresh pineapples exporter and PROCAT a project supporting Alliance Bio and their dried pineapples rings and chunks. Read the article below to meet the pineapple exporters at the Organic Africa Pavilion 2021.


About Solaris

Solaris was born as an initiative to response to the extreme poverty that prevails among the rural population of Haho prefecture in Togo. Unfortunately, 90% of the Hoha population, small farmers who despite producing thousands of tons of cereals and tubers each year, struggle to survive. In contrast, farmers in neighboring prefectures (Zio and Avé) are fruit producers and have a much higher standard of living. Solaris is on a mission to relaunch the fruit and vegetable cultivation in Haho prefecture to help reduce the extreme poverty that remains in this town.

Solaris decided to start with pineapple cultivation because the prefecture was once the pineapple hub of the country and therefore has good potential for pineapple cultivation. They currently work in partnership with five cooperatives that make up a total of 139 pineapple producers.


Solaris offers soft cayenne and sugarloaf pineapple varieties and produces more than 300 tons per year. It focuses on export by air. In this way, Solaris can provide ready-to-eat pineapples to the most demanding markets, avoiding the underripe and overripe issues of Smooth Cayenne or MD2 shipped by sea. Their pineapples are appreciated for their unique, natural and optimal flavor.

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Around 4,000 small-holder farmers in the middle and south part of  Togo are the major suppliers of organic pineapple to processing companies. The PROCAT project (Projet d’appui à l’amélioration de la Compétitivité de la filière d’ananas au Togo), funded by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), focuses on strengthening the competitiveness of companies in the pineapple value chain. The project supports marketing at local, regional and international level.

Food processing companies supported by PROCAT are grouped in cooperatives to improve their export capacities and offer quality processed products to the markets.  

“The Alliance Bio” one of the dried pineapple companies cooperative in Togo, is supported by PROCAT and promotes their products at the Organic Africa Pavilion.


“The Alliance Bio” offers both dried pineapple rings and chunks.

  • PROCAT Profound Organic Africa Pavilion
  • PROCAT Profound Organic Africa Pavilion


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