Meet the Shea butter exporters at the Organic Africa Pavilion 2021

The Organic Africa Pavilion at BioFach eSpecial will introduce two exhibitors specialised in shea butter. Read the article below to meet the shea butter exporters at the Organic Africa Pavilion 2021.


About Agriland

Agriland is a family business that started its operations in 1998 in Côte d’Ivoire. The company started by growing plants on its own plantations and quickly evolved into the production of essential oils from ginger, turmeric and vetiver.

About Agriland products

A few years ago, Agriland diversified its activities into the manufacture of vegetable oils and butters. It expanded to Shea Butter, Wild Palm Kernel Oil, Sesame Oil. Currently, the Agriland plant is producing (cold press) a few thousand metric tons of vegetable oils and butters. They have also developed rare and precious oils and butters from the Ivoirian forests and savannahs like Touloucouna oil, Owala oil, Baobab Oil, Allanblackia butter, Kpangnan butter and Kombo butter.  All their products are exported to cosmetic and food processing companies. One of its objectives is to build a larger factory that can respond to the increasing demands of international markets.


COSMetic Organic and natural Standard  COSMOS by ECOCERT

Fair For Life  by ECOCERT

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Agriland´s products catalogue

Agriland - Product Catalogue


High Basin and Cascade Shea Butter Producers Network (RPBHC)

About RPBHC 

The High Basin and Cascade Shea Butter Producers Network (RPBHC) in Burkina Faso is a charity created in July 2008. It now has more than 14,000 individual members (96% women and 54% young people) federated around 344 basic cooperatives. It aims to promote the economic, social and cultural empowerment of women and young people through the promotion of high value-added sectors, focusing on the shea sector. It has enshrined its development policy around an integrated and sustainable business model that takes into account the three components of sustainable development (economic, socio-community and environmental). RPBHC currently employs more than 200 employees, 74% of women and 79% of young people.

For the RPBHC social responsibility and product quality are key

Social Responsibility

As part of its corporate social responsibility, RPBHC contributes to the development of municipalities through the realization of social and community activities. These activities include school scholarships, renovation of health centers and schools among others.

Management of the Shea Resource

To ensure the sustainability of the shea resource and with support of techical partners, RPBHC is developing a series of management and environmental protection activities:

  • Sanitary pruning, already over 1200 trees pruned
  • Grafts, more than 810 shea trees grafted
  • The establishment of shea nurseries, more than 42,000 plants in nurseries
  • Assisted natural regeneration, more than 400 assisted plants


Natural Organic Program (NOP) for the US market

European Union (EU) for the European market and AB for the French market

Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) for the Asian market. 

Fair for Life

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standard in 2020

Certified by ABNORM under the NBF label

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  • ProFound-RPBHC-Shea-butter-2.
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