In this article, we want to introduce you to DLG Naturals, producers of Marula Oil, who will be co-exhibiting at BioFach 2022. BioFach will take place in Nuremberg Germany from the 26nd to the 29th of July this year.

About DLG Naturals

DLG Naturals is an industry-leading natural cosmetic oil producer and wholesaler with facilities in southern African and America. They produce cosmetic oil at their Botswana production facility and source botanicals from a vast network of vetted southern and east African companies. They use sustainable business to uplift the rural poor in southern Africa.

Their vertical integration enables high-impact rural job creation without compromising on the cost or quality of your beauty and health formulation ingredients. Through organic Botswana production facility, DLG established international supply chains, and country-wide network of harvesters, they provide fair and sustainable wages to their team of over 1,800 Botswana citizens.

With sustainability at its core, DLG has pursued zero waste. They collaborate with local universities to find uses for each element on their processeses and help small farmers increase their income.

Through the Botswana Natural Products Association, DLG supports local entrepreneurs in building the local cosmetics industry. DLG Naturals vision is: To foster a vibrant, rural middle-class and healthy lives for all. Nourishing Africa’s rich heritage of sumptuous botanical ingredients.

With the harvest spread across the country, they often store botanicals in rural villages. Choosing between building their own additional storage or renting it from their harvest villages was an opportunity they couldn’t pass up.

For one village in particular, renting a storage facility provided enough extra income to build more warehouses and new offices for the village development committee and some that they can rent, all stepping stones to a thriving local economy.

While their harvesting network spans rural Botswana, their commitment to provide financial stability goes further. To strengthen the country’s food security and economy, they work with and support 30 other local (Botswana) companies and advise top-level government initiatives.

DLG develops villages by magnifying their economic impact. During 2021, they provided income to 1,851 harvesters, rented warehouse space in the village, and hired local laborers and transport. DLG village coordinators, who are mostly women, serve as critical local leaders.

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Marula Oil

DLG Naturals processes marula oil as an ingredient for the natural cosmetics industry. DLG Naturals has been certified organic since 2019, and is the largest producer in Botswana.

DLG Naturals processes marula oil as an ingredient for the natural cosmetics industry. DLG Naturals has been certified organic since 2019, and is the largest producer in Botswana. DLG exports globally. Since 2009, when DLG Naturals introduced African botanical oils to the US, market research consistently ranks DLG Naturals among the top ten marula companies in the world.DLG maintains its leadership through extensive testing and continually adding US processing technology, leveraging African intelligence, and developing DLG’s own intellectual property.

Over a decade of research and presence in southern Africa has established them as world leaders in sourcing botanical ingredients from the region. Their work led them to create a new industry standard for quality control, and they are experts in the production of cosmetic oils and botanicals from southern Africa.

DLG has selected the best oils and shortenings from the best producers in South and East Africa. They specialize in bringing a rich African heritage to the world through these sumptuous, carefully tested botanicals. Some include Mongongo, Ximenia, Mafura, and Nilotica Shea Butter.

ProFound believes a sustainably managed value chain of natural ingredient can transform rural areas. Natural ingredients provide much needed income for collectors and farmers. They also bring business opportunities to entrepreneurs. Also, sustainable collection and cultivation in biodiverse production systems can improve soils and sustain biodiversity. Moreover, our 25+ years of experience in natural ingredients makes this the sector where we can contribute most to sustainable development.


DLG Naturals received several certifications by ECOCERT including the: National Organic Program and Ecocert Organic Standard.


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