In this article, we want to introduce you to Myanmar Tea Leaf, Fermented tea leaf  (Lahpet) exporter from Myanmar, who will be co-exhibiting at the BioTrade Asia Pavilion 2022. BioFach will take place in Nuremberg Germany from the 26nd to the 29th of July this year.

About Myanmar Tea Leaf

Myanmar Tea Leaf is a leading food innovator with a speciality in fermented tea. They also develop partnerships program for farmers groups with non-profit institutions. Myanmar Tea Leaf has more than 36 years of experience in the Myanmar Food Industry.

Myanmar Tea Leaf is a family food business first founded by U San Maung in 1984. A brand name “Shan Shwe Taung” was created in 1999 and lead by U Myo Win Aung. Since the beginning it has served nearly nationwide consumers across Myanmar. From farming to the end consumer, it is working to serve the everyday lives of people in Myanmar in various ways. 

This organic revolution began in Myanmar around 2016. Tea lands in Myanmar are naturally gifted lands where no pesticides, no nutrition to the tea plants are found. Myanmar Tea Leaf has partnered with many local farms, tea businesses and foreign non-profit organizations to promote the qualities of Myanmar Tea.

Myanmar Tea Leaf’s goals are to serve Myanmar traditional organic tea products to all over the world according to their local taste and to become the best fermented tea producer. Their main mission is to show Myanmar’s Food to the world.

Myanmar Tea Leaf is a leading food innovator with a speciality in fermented tea. They also develop partnerships program for farmers groups with non-profit institutions.

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About Paline

The “Paline” brand was created in 2016. The first organic fermented tea, introduced and made with love, a unique taste, sesame seeds, is also the original flavor. Three new organic products have followed since 2020 which are varieties with sour and spicy tea, ginger tea and lemon pepper tea.

Laphet – Fermented Tea Leaves

Myanmar is one of the few countries where tea is both consumed as a drink and as a delicacy. Laphet is regarded as a national delicacy that plays a significant and special role in Myanmar society and remains a traditional Burmese gesture of hospitality and is served to guests visiting a home.

Lahpet can be served as a snack or after a meal for family and visitors. It is usually placed in the center of the table with the green tea. Lahpet Thoke is a fermented tea salad that is very popular and nationwide consumed across Myanmar. It is prepared by mixing the ingredients of lahpet and adding fresh tomatoes, garlic, green chilis, and shredded cabbage, and is dressed with fish sauce, sesame or peanut oil, and lime juice depands on how people like to consume.

How to enjoy Lahpet?

In Western culture, Lahpet can be used as a spice or topping. 

Fermented tea leaves add a burst of flavour to a variety of dishes. Pile a plate high with crispy fried beans, peanuts, garlic, sesame seeds and dried shrimp or add to soups, omelettes and dumplings.

You can find dozens of recipes to enjoy this spice here:


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