In this article, we want to introduce you to ANEMAW, producers of Sesame Seed, Soya beans and Soya meal, who will be co-exhibiting at BioFach 2022. BioFach will take place in Nuremberg Germany from the 26nd to the 29th of July this year.

About Anemaw

Always looking ahead’ is a testament to Anemaw Alemu Business Group’s story of progress and growth guided through purpose.

Operating with the work scope of trading, imports, and export – the company bases its operations on ethics of transparency and Collaboration. Its services range from logistics to mining. This is carried out with multiple sister companies in complementary sectors.

The creation, progress, and potential of Anemaw Alemu Business Group is an interesting story. Their strategic approach to everything “Always Looking Ahead” is an admission to the fact that they can afford being stagnant. Looking to engage employees on a deeper level to create internal engagement and attract prospective customers through a formalized approach. As an exponentially growing and soon-to-be a prominent name in the industry, the trading company is now ready to share its story through a renewed spirit of purpose.

Their vision holds, that they want to create a network of companies that work together to bring the industry to greater heights, while centered in Ethiopia. They want to inspire fellow companies in the industry to follow suit and adapt a new work culture that will make Ethiopia’s name in the world respectable and revered.

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Sesame Seed, Soya beans and Soya meal

Their Organic Products are: Sesame Seed, Soya beans and Soya Meal

Soybean:- Purity 99%, quantity as per buyer request, machine cleaned, oil content 38%, moister content 8%

Whitish Sesame Seed:- purity 99%, quantity 50 fcl, Machine cleaned, oil content 50%, Moisture content 8%

Soya Mal:- fat content 5%, protein content 46%, Urease activity 0.01%, Moisture content 7%


ANEMAW has obtained the OnceCert Certified Organic certificate, and the USDA Organic certified by OneCert.


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