BioFach 2022 last July feels like just a couple of weeks ago. The turnaround was short, but we were delighted to be in Nuremberg once again this February, hosting the Organic Africa Pavilion and the Biotrade Asia Pavilion. At these pavilions, we hosted 16 companies, 6 study tours, and thousands of people along the value chain to talk about organic agriculture, regenerative principles, and new opportunities for collaboration.

Who Was At the Organic Africa Pavilion

This year, we hosted co-exhibitors from Togo, Liberia, South Africa, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, The Philippines and Sri Lanka. They showcased a wide range of organic products, such as baobab derivatives, avocado oils, ginger, cacao beans, dried mango, traditional teas, and honey.

For ProFound, it was a very busy trade fair. One of the highlights for us was the study tours we provided for the International Trade Centre, GIZ Uganda, GIZ Sri Lanka, Conexsus, CBI, and the Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association. It was amazing to see the ambition of these entrepreneurs, who were all at different stages of development. Some attended Biofach with the primary objective of understanding market requirements, innovations, and opportunities for certification. Whilst others came with their final products, including jackfruit burger patties, cashew paste, and shea butters.

The ProFound Team

Organic Market and Expected Evolution

One of the most interesting observations was the stagnation in demand for organic produce. However, this isn’t surprising given supply chain disruptions, global conflict, and inflation. Consumers have pulled back on their demand for high-quality, high-priced organic produce. As a result, importers and final product manufacturers have held off on sourcing organic produce. Nonetheless, we expect market to once again centralize its appetite for sustainably produced, and ethically sourced organic products.

Particularly when you consider the discussions for regenerative agriculture, agro-forestry, and maintaining biodiversity, we are confident that the organic sector will continue to eat away at conventional products.

Next year, BioFach will be held from 13-16 February 2024. If you are interested in joining one of our pavilions in the upcoming edition, please do not hesitate to contact us at for more information.

We cannot wait to organise the pavilions once again!