Adding value to rice products in Pakistan and Cambodia

Pakistan and Cambodia are among the largest rice producers in the world. They are already some of the biggest suppliers to Europe with brown and milled rice. However, their industries for value added rice products lag behind global competitors. On behalf of CBI, ProFound and ingredient expert Freek Jan Koekoek are working on a feasibility study to find out how to change this situation and find opportunities to develop the rice industries in Pakistan and Cambodia. Global competitors India and Thailand are both much better than Pakistan and Cambodia at adding value to rice products. India and Thailand produce more competitive rice varieties, and also [Read more]

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AGBA – Asian Green Business Accelerator

    Asian Green Business Accelerator AGBA    Our Mission is: Local income generation by linking Asian sustainable green businesses to international markets The pillars of our work Diversification of production systems Application of Sustainable landscaping  Increase livelihood options Implementation of Market-driven business models Country focus (click on each country to learn more about our experience in these countries) Myanmar Laos Cambodia Vietnam  Nepal [Read more]

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Story: BioTrade development in Southeast Asia

  BioTrade Development in South East Asia      Severe biodiversity loss in South East Asia We believe BioTrade development is key in Southeast Asia. Loss of biodiversity is a worldwide threat. However, in Southeast Asia deforestation rates are critically endangering the region’s biodiversity even though this region houses six of the world’s 25 biodiversity hotspots. Biodiversity is vital to the livelihoods of communities. The sustainable use of biodiversity resources is important for both long-term economic development and the future of our planet. Biodiverse ecosystems also provide water and soil retention and pollination. [Read more]

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The market potential of Cameroon´s Penja pepper

The market potential of Cameroon´s Penja Pepper Project update: Exporting Penja pepper from Cameroon to the United Kingdom and other European countries We recently completed our study on the market potential of Cameroon´s Penja pepper. In this blog, we share some insights from this study and highlight the main opportunities and challenges of the market. This study was assigned by the United Kingdom Trade Partnership Programme (UKTP) of the International Trade Centre (ITC). The main objective was to analyse the current and potential European and UK market for Penja Pepper. Beyond the study, we also focused on providing practical [Read more]

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ProFound's Newsletters Sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter and our updates directly in your mailbox! ProFound: 2021 Year in Review While 2022 has started well for us at ProFound, we are happy to share a brief review of our past year with you 🙂 As the video is concluding, we are much looking forward to further build our amazing collaborations in the coming year! We wish all our partners and collaborating entrepreneurs a very successful New Year 2022! And, most importantly, we wish you happy times with your families and staying in good health! [Read more]

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