Pakistan and Cambodia are among the largest rice producers in the world. They are already some of the biggest suppliers to Europe with brown and milled rice. However, their industries for value added rice products lag behind global competitors. On behalf of CBI, ProFound and ingredient expert Freek Jan Koekoek are working on a feasibility study to find out how to change this situation and find opportunities to develop the rice industries in Pakistan and Cambodia.

Global competitors India and Thailand are both much better than Pakistan and Cambodia at adding value to rice products. India and Thailand produce more competitive rice varieties, and also process rice and waste products into value-added products, such as rice starch or rice bran oil. We are looking into the European market for these value-added rice products to find opportunities for producers from Pakistan and Cambodia.

CBI will use the outcomes of this research in the export coaching programmes in Pakistan, which we implement with CBI, and Cambodia.

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