BioFach 2022 recap

After participating in digital trade fairs, we were happy to meet again in Nuremberg, Germany, for Biofach 2022. From 25-28 July, ProFound hosted the Organic Africa Pavilion and the BioTrade Asia Pavilion. At these pavilions 14 co-exhibitors met with roughly 700 trade fair visitors. We were happy to have the chance to meet everyone face to face again. As one of our co-exhibitors mentioned, the fair was ‘The perfect opportunity for visiting professionals to meet organic producers from the organic market and be inspired by the sector’s latest trends.’ Another co-exhibitor congratulated us as our pavilions were well-organised [Read more]

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Meet Somnuek Laothang Tea factory – Tea exporter at BioTrade Asia Pavilion 2022

In this article, we want to introduce you to Somnuek Laothang Tea Factory, Green Tea exporter from Myanmar, who will be co-exhibiting at BioFach 2022. BioFach will take place in Nuremberg Germany from the 26nd to the 29th of July this year. About Somnuek Laothang Tea Factory Somnuek Laothang Tea Factory was established in 2014. The factory has been closely working with more than 150 tea farmers (families) in several villages at Phongsaly Province in the far north of Laos. Specially in Phongsaly, tea usually grows on trees in the mountainous hinterlands about 1,200 to 1,600 meters height [Read more]

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AGBA – Asian Green Business Accelerator

    Asian Green Business Accelerator AGBA    Our Mission is: Local income generation by linking Asian sustainable green businesses to international markets The pillars of our work Diversification of production systems Application of Sustainable landscaping  Increase livelihood options Implementation of Market-driven business models Country focus (click on each country to learn more about our experience in these countries) Myanmar Laos Cambodia Vietnam  Nepal [Read more]

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Story: BioTrade development in Southeast Asia

  BioTrade Development in South East Asia      Severe biodiversity loss in South East Asia We believe BioTrade development is key in Southeast Asia. Loss of biodiversity is a worldwide threat. However, in Southeast Asia deforestation rates are critically endangering the region’s biodiversity even though this region houses six of the world’s 25 biodiversity hotspots. Biodiversity is vital to the livelihoods of communities. The sustainable use of biodiversity resources is important for both long-term economic development and the future of our planet. Biodiverse ecosystems also provide water and soil retention and pollination. [Read more]

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Meet the Spices exporters at the BioTrade Asia Pavilion 2021

  Meet the Spices exporters at BioTrade Asia Pavilion 2021 The BioTrade Asia Pavilion at BioFach eSpecial will introduce two exhibitors specialised in spices. Read the article below to meet the Spices exporters at the BioTrade Asia Pavilion 2021. Yathar Wathi's Paline - Traditional Fermented Tea Leaf (Lahpet) About Yathar Wathi Yathar Wathi is a pioneer company of organic fermented tea from Myanmar. Yathar Wathi is a family business with more than 36 years of experience in Myanmar Food Industry. Currently, they also work developing partnership programs for farmers groups with non-profit institutions.  What is Lahpet? Myanmar is one [Read more]

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Meet the Tea exporters at BioTrade Asia Pavilion 2021

  Meet the Tea exporters at the BioTrade Asia Pavilion 2021 The BioTrade Asia Pavilion at BioFach eSpecial will  introduce four exhibitors specialised in tea. Read the article below to meet the tea exporters at the BioTrade Asia Pavilion 2021. Taw Win KanBawZa Mountain Company Limited - Black and Red Tea from Myanmar About KBZ Mountain KBZ Mountain is a producer, distributor and exporter of Myanmar tea products align with the local and international standards. This family business was established 40 years ago and the company has been distributing tea and coffee products with different brand names since then. [Read more]

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