Meet the Spices exporters at BioTrade Asia Pavilion 2021

The BioTrade Asia Pavilion at BioFach eSpecial will introduce two exhibitors specialised in spices. Read the article below to meet the Spices exporters at the BioTrade Asia Pavilion 2021.

Yathar Wathi’s Paline – Traditional Fermented Tea Leaf (Lahpet)

About Yathar Wathi

Yathar Wathi is a pioneer company of organic fermented tea from Myanmar. Yathar Wathi is a family business with more than 36 years of experience in Myanmar Food Industry. Currently, they also work developing partnership programs for farmers groups with non-profit institutions. 

What is Lahpet?

Myanmar is one of the few countries where tea is both consumed as a drink and as a delicacy. Laphet is regarded as a national delicacy that plays a significant and special role in society and remains a traditional Burmese gesture of hospitality. It can be enjoyed as a salad topping, but it can also be used to produce a delicious, slightly spicy, spread or dip similar to pesto. 

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In Myanmar, Lahpet is served as a snack or after a meal for family and visitors. It is usually placed in the center of the table with green tea. Laphet thoke is a fermented tea salad that is very popular and nationwide consumed across Myanmar. It is prepared by mixing the ingredients of lahpet and adding fresh tomatoes, garlic, green chilis, and shredded cabbage, and is dressed with fish sauce, sesame or peanut oil, and lime juice.

The best tea for fermented tea is from Namhsan of northern Shan State.


The Paline brand was created in 2016. This brand introduced the first organic fermented tea made with love. It has a unique taste due to the sesame seeds that bring an original flavor. Three new organic products follow in 2020: sour and spicy; ginger tea; and lemon pepper.

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Snacks Mandalay – Dried ginger and Chilli

About Snacks Mandalay

Snacks Mandalay Co., Ltd was established in August 2015. Dr. Pyae Phyo Aye and his father, Mr. Khin Mg Aye, are the founders of the company. The company’s main purpose is to use locally available raw materials, process them locally and export them to international markets. They are on a mission to create a stable market for local farmers.

To know more about them, take a look at the following video:


Snacks Mandalay is currently promoting dried ginger and dried chilli at the BioTrade Asia Pavilion.

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