Towards Fairwild certified Jatamansi; ProFound’s participation in the project

ProFound’s consultant Jolanda van Hal just returned from a mission to Nepal for the project “Succeeding with CITES: Sustainable and equitable Jatamansi trade from Nepal”. A good time to reflect on activities and developments in the past months. As a reminder: In this project funded by the Darwin Initiative, we are working with ANSAB, the Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources and TRAFFIC International. One of the project aims is to produce FairWild certified Jatamansi by the end of 2020.  Pre-audit assessment for the Jatamansi harvesting In order to see how far the project still has to go [Read more]

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Diving into sustainable wild collection at FairWild Forum

Did you know that commercial wild-collection in Europe is alive and kicking? ProFound senior consultant Robbie Hogervorst participated in FairWild Forum 2019 in Budapest. During the forum he visited wild collection sites near the Hungarian-Croatian border. Here Roma collectors benefit from working for FairWild-certified operations: At the time of visit, the group was collecting wild garlic. better working conditions, better and more stable incomes and fair trade premiums to invest in community projects.   At the FairWild Forum, Robbie also presented how FairWild certification can support compliance to the Nagoya Protocol for Access and Benefit Sharing. Other speakers [Read more]

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Story: FairWild pine nuts in Pakistan

FAIRWILD PINE NUTS IN PAKISTAN Sustainable sourcing brings Pakistani pine nuts to greener grounds Eaten in Europe and Asia since ancient times, pine nuts are still popular in modern Western cuisine. They can be added to meat, fish, salads and vegetables, and are also in bakery products and pesto. Pine trees take a long time to reach maturity and to yield a good harvest. Investing in pine nut production requires long-term thinking. However, existing supplies have not been able to cope with increasing demand. Due to growing world demand, pine nuts are collected unsustainably from forests. [Read more]

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FairWild training in Kosovo

On behalf of FairWild, Bert-Jan Ottens examined the protocols and assessed the participants of the training in FairWild Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), conducted by Klaus Dürbeck and Stefan Lermer (Klaus Dürbeck Consulting) in November 2014. The training took place in the context of a GIZ-supported programme for sustainable wild-collection in Kosovo. Subjects covered the procedures for resource assessment and resource management by resource owners and users, including field training in transects for resource measurement.

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Linking Nepalese Natural Ingredients Producers to European Markets

On the 8th June, Nepalese exporters of a range of natural ingredients, including Nepalese essential oils such as jatamansi, valerian, juniper, chamomile, and mentha partook in an online matchmaking event. Our event was part of ProFound’s work with UK-based NGO called TRAFFIC, who are promoting the sustainable cultivation and export of wild-harvested Nepalese ingredients. Our Work on Nepalese Essential Oils Over the last two years, we have been working with TRAFFIC, FairWild, and ANSAB to ensure the longevity of Nepalese essential oils by implementing sustainable trade practices and resource management. Our project's backbone is the FairWild Standard. [Read more]

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Meet Arbor Oils of Africa – Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils exporter at the Organic Africa Pavilion 2022

In this article, we want to introduce you to Arbor Oils, producer of organic Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils from wild harvested gums. Arbor Oils will be co-exhibiting at the Organic Africa Pavilion at BioFach 2022. BioFach will take place in Nuremberg Germany from the 26nd to the 29th of July this year. About Arbor Oils Arbor Oils of Africa produces steam distilled, certified organic frankincense and myrrh essential oils from wild harvested gums. These are collected by pastoralist women in the semi deserts of north Kenya. Their philosophy holds: (a) to ensure sustainable harvest of [Read more]

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