Kenyan companies face severe mistrust issues on the domestic and international markets. This dates from a few years back, when products were rejected by European markets despite carrying labels. European tests revealed metal and pesticides residues.

Healthy Green Choice: a new activity to develop food safety solutions

ProFound’s sister company Green Rhino is accelerating its activities in Kenya. This month, Bert-Jan Ottens and James Sablerolles joined Operations Manager Stella Maina in Nairobi to further develop ‘Healthy Green Choice’ food safety solutions.

“It has become clear we are looking at long-term collaboration with partners in Kenya to work on traceable and food-safe value chains. In past weeks, we established working relations with two supermarket chains and a restaurant chain to help organise their sustainable sourcing. With Dutch partner SNV, we are investigating specific market potentials for these products, and will develop specific business cases.” 

Bert-Jan Ottens – Senior Adviser Green Rhino

With the Healthy Green Choice platform, Green Rhino aims at building safe food systems. These food systems are based on full compliance with transparent and internationally recognised criteria of environmental, social and economic sustainability. In this respect, Green Rhino is now engaging with a prominent Kenyan county for a full transformation and branding as an organic county.

Green Rhino team in Kenya working for food safety

Operations Manager Stella Maina at an organic demonstration farm

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