Linking organic Vietnamese suppliers to the EU market

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  Meet six new Vietnamese suppliers of organic natural ingredients. From White, Black and Red Pepper, Star anise and other spices for which Vietnam is known, to coconut-based ingredients, all these suppliers have several internationally recognized sustainability certificates. Read the article below to find out more about these six companies and immerse yourself in the world of pure, natural, and organic spices, coconut products and nuts. Meet the suppliers - Watch the video Linking organic Vietnamese suppliers to the EU market As part of our long-term collaboration with the Centre for Rural Economic Development (CRED), ProFound is [Read more]

Meet the Spices exporters at the BioTrade Asia Pavilion 2021

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  Meet the Spices exporters at BioTrade Asia Pavilion 2021 The BioTrade Asia Pavilion at BioFach eSpecial will introduce two exhibitors specialised in spices. Read the article below to meet the Spices exporters at the BioTrade Asia Pavilion 2021. Yathar Wathi's Paline - Traditional Fermented Tea Leaf (Lahpet) About Yathar Wathi Yathar Wathi is a pioneer company of organic fermented tea from Myanmar. Yathar Wathi is a family business with more than 36 years of experience in Myanmar Food Industry. Currently, they also work developing partnership programs for farmers groups with non-profit institutions.  What is Lahpet? Myanmar is one [Read more]

Meet the Tea exporters at BioTrade Asia Pavilion 2021

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  Meet the Tea exporters at the BioTrade Asia Pavilion 2021 The BioTrade Asia Pavilion at BioFach eSpecial will  introduce four exhibitors specialised in tea. Read the article below to meet the tea exporters at the BioTrade Asia Pavilion 2021. Taw Win KanBawZa Mountain Company Limited - Black and Red Tea from Myanmar About KBZ Mountain KBZ Mountain is a producer, distributor and exporter of Myanmar tea products align with the local and international standards. This family business was established 40 years ago and the company has been distributing tea and coffee products with different brand names since then. [Read more]

BioTrade Asia Pavilion at BioFach eSpecial 2021

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  BioTrade Asia Digital Pavilion at BioFach eSpecial 2021 The countdown for the BioTrade Asia Digital Pavilion has officially started! BioTrade Asia Digital Pavilion at BioFach eSpecial 2021Countdown We are happy to share that the countdown to ProFounds BioTrade Asia Pavilion at BioFach eSpecial 2021 officially started! This year, Europe's largest organic fair will be held digitally and we will join with two digital pavilions: the BioTrade Asia Pavilion and the Organic Africa Pavilion. Read this article to learn what the new BioTrade Asia Pavilion is all about, who the co-exhbitors of the Pavilion are and what you can [Read more]

Improving export development and promotion services to BioTrade companies

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In close cooperation with Miguel Camacho, ProFound provided a workshop on behalf of Helvetas. Together with Miguel we helped to reinforce capacities of business support organisations (BSOs) to deliver demand-driven, value-added services that promote exports of BioTrade natural ingredients. The workshop provided international best-case examples of services to companies. For example trade fair organisation, certification training, export market planning and buyer missions. In addition, the workshop linked BSOs to trade promotion organisations in their countries. This link helps BSOs to discuss how to implement these services in practice. During the workshop the BSOs designed their service portfolio and did initial [Read more]

South East Asian producers getting ready for BioTrade exports

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ProFound experts Robbie Hogervorst and Aafke van Sprundel conducted a series of market entry strategy trainings in Kuala Lumpur, Yangon and Mandalay for the Helvetas Regional BioTrade Project South East Asia. More than 20 Vietnamese, Lao and Myanmar companies were trained and supported to develop their first market entry strategy. A second objective was to build capacities of business associations to start developing market entry services to their members.    During the workshop, the participants were guided to define how they wanted to position themselves on the market. Do they want to be a high end, a sustainable, ethical, unique [Read more]

Trading prospects for Biotrade suppliers after match-making with international buyers

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Susan Curtis was one of three buyers on the buyer’s mission for the SECO-funded Regional BioTrade Project Southeast Asia with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation facilitated by ProFound. As Director of Natural Health at Neal’s Yard Remedies, Susan visited Myanmar and Vietnam and explored the possibilities to cooperate with suppliers of BioTrade ingredients. The mission inspired her to consider some of these ingredients for the products of Neal’s Yard Remedies, including both high quality spice essential oils and a cosmetic ingredient that would be new to Europe and has the potential to lead to some exciting and innovative new product development. “I was [Read more]

The business case for BioTrade markets

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ProFound’s consultants  Bert-Jan Ottens and Sacha Handgraaf supported a Helvetas training on sustainable certification schemes in the context of the Regional BioTrade Project Southeast Asia with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation. The Helvetas country teams came together in Bangkok to discuss certification trajectories for the tea, spices and thanaka value chains. This will help the teams to design strong business cases for BioTrade with business support and private sector actors in Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar. During the two day-training the teams learned more about: Food safety and sustainability certifications relevant for the international market How to make the link between the BioTrade principles [Read more]

Market Orientation @Vitafoods Asia in Singapore on BioTrade marketing

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Within the scope of our work on the Regional BioTrade Project Southeast Asia with Helvetas, our senior consultant Robbie Hogervorst supported a Helvetas training mission in Singapore. During the training, selected companies gained insight into their potential to export BioTrade products; learning about buyer and market requirements, BioTrade market trends, and possible trade channels. The companies also learned how to translate their new insights into their marketing plan: How to develop a suitable product, how to promote it, how to price it? This is part of our activities in Business Planning (see our solutions page for more information). During the [Read more]

Finalising the inception phase of the Regional BioTrade Project

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Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation and ProFound collaborated closely on an Export Potential Assessment (EPA) in the Regional BioTrade project in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar). Since September 2016, ProFound consultants and Helvetas national teams have identified bottlenecks and possible interventions through desk research, fieldwork and verification missions. ProFound worked together with the Helvetas teams in researching the possibilities for BioTrade. Their help with the desk research, field work and reporting has been very useful in the completion of the inception phase of the project. - Tuan, Le Anh, Deputy Project Manager, Regional BioTrade Project Southeast Asia, Helvetas Vietnam The combination [Read more]

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