Linking Sri Lankan agricultural exporters to international markets

  Linking Sri Lankan agricultural exporters to international markets Between November 2020 and March 2021, ProFound senior advisors Bert-Jan Ottens and Kasper Kerver worked on a project with the "GLX Garage", a business development programme for SMEs exploring international markets in the sectors of food, agriculture, travel, design, and energy sectors. The main role of Bert-Jan and Kasper was to support the Sri Lankan agricultural exporters with the development of their export strategy and linking them to international markets. The GLX Garage The GLX Garage supports and creates avenues for sustainable companies with a strong interest and need [Read more]

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Story: Forest Garden Tea in Sri Lanka

FOREST GARDEN TEA IN SRI LANKA True sustainability in tea production repeals monoculture In the Netherlands, people drink around 3 cups of tea per day.  Sri Lanka is one of the well-known tea suppliers to the Netherlands. Sri Lankan tea is called Ceylon tea, due to the country’s official name until 1972. Most of the current certification schemes for tea do not ensure sustainability of Ceylon tea production. Plantation workers and farmers in cooperatives do not earn a living wage to support their families. Moreover, soils are depleted, leading to erosion and decreasing harvests. Therefore, ProFound [Read more]

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Enhancing sustainable sourcing

    Enhancing sustainable sourcing   We focus on enhancing sustainable sourcing Sustainable value chains start with sustainable sourcing. By sourcing sustainably entrepreneurs can assure sufficient raw materials for their production today, without depleting resources for the future. Suppliers of natural ingredients based on wild collection can do so by conducting a thorough resource assessment. This tells them how much they can sustainably harvest from ecosystems without endangering regeneration of their raw material resources. When their raw material is cultivated, suppliers need to develop production methods that do not deplete soils [Read more]

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AGBA – Asian Green Business Accelerator

    Asian Green Business Accelerator AGBA    Our Mission is: Local income generation by linking Asian sustainable green businesses to international markets The pillars of our work Diversification of production systems Application of Sustainable landscaping  Increase livelihood options Implementation of Market-driven business models Country focus(click on each country to learn more about our experience in these countries) Myanmar Laos Cambodia Vietnam  Nepal Sri Lanka [Read more]

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ProFound's stories and expertise Rural finance expertise: Designing innovative and inclusive finance opportunities is key to make companies and its suppliers ready for successful entry in regional or international markets. Europe faces insufficient honey and beeswax supplies because the bee population is decreasing globally. ProFound helps Ethiopian suppliers fill this gap on the honey market. Sri Lanka is an important tea supplier to Europe, but sustainability of tea is not always assured.  Farmers don’t earn a decent wage and soils are depleted. To solve these issues, ProFound developed a truly [Read more]

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About Us

ABOUT US ProFound is a consultancy company. From its beginnings as a pioneer in natural ingredients trade promotion in 1990, ProFound has grown into a team of experts in developing sustainable value chains for natural ingredients for food, cosmetics and health. ProFound mission “Local income generation and sustainable sourcing by linking natural ingredients producers to the market” Profound contributes to UN sustainable development goals ProFound assists entrepreneurs in emerging markets in the natural ingredients sector. We help to capture economic opportunities from production to market entry. We aim for local development that lasts: adding value for producers and sustaining local biodiversity. With [Read more]

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