The flower industry in Colombia is expanding its horizon. The USA currently accounts for around 75% of Colombia’s flower exports and still provides plenty of opportunities, but Colombian exporters are keen to supply other markets too. They are mostly interested in China, the Middle East and Europe.


ProFound analysed the European market. We focused on the growing demand for hortensia and the topic of sustainability. In two separate studies for CBI/Procolombia and Solidaridad, we identified opportunities for Colombian exporters and provided recommendations. These included learning from European competitors to improve hortensia quality, breeding more and stronger varieties of hortensia, and lobbying for better recognition of Florverde among European buyers.

During two events in Colombia, Kasper Kerver, ProFound’s flower market analyst, presented the results of the studies while also giving exporters the opportunity to raise questions and have discussions about the topics.

Now the Colombians are ready to prepare themselves for access to the European market.