Discussing market access with coffee roasters in Colombia

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What was once perceived as impossible is now gradually taking shape. Colombian roasters have built the confidence and skills to pioneer on a highly competitive market. And they are now equipped with a map of the market and the tools to work on their individual roadmaps within the CBI programme on Speciality Roasted Coffee in Colombia. To support CBI’s programme, ProFound cooperated with expert Rafael Valcarce in producing a Tailored Intelligence to support Colombian coffee roasters in accessing the European market. This study was disseminated in Colombia (Bogotá and Pereira) to the target audience in October 2016, followed by in-depth [Read more]

Colombian flower growers prepare to gain share in Europe

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The flower industry in Colombia is expanding its horizon. The USA currently accounts for around 75% of Colombia’s flower exports and still provides plenty of opportunities, but Colombian exporters are keen to supply other markets too. They are mostly interested in China, the Middle East and Europe. ProFound analysed the European market. We focused on the growing demand for hortensia and the topic of sustainability. In two separate studies for CBI/Procolombia and Solidaridad, we identified opportunities for Colombian exporters and provided recommendations. These included learning from European competitors to improve hortensia quality, breeding more and stronger varieties of hortensia, and lobbying [Read more]

Is Colombian hortensia ready for Europe?

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Cut hortensia flowers are gaining momentum on the European market. In a study for CBI and ProColombia, ProFound explored the potential for Colombian hortensia exporters in the Netherlands, France, the UK and Switzerland. Colombia, the largest producer of hortensia for the cut flower market, is looking to expand its exports to Europe. CBI commissioned ProFound to assess the potential of Colombian hortensia in Europe, to facilitate the role of Asocolflores and ProColombia in guiding exporters. We analysed the market potential, competition, buyer requirements and business practices in Western Europe. Although European buyer and quality requirements are very strict, Colombia does have a competitive advantage. The country can [Read more]

Roasted coffee from Colombia: Breaking the barrier

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Europe is the main market for speciality coffee worldwide, as well as home to the largest and most innovative coffee roasters. The European market demands a high volume of green coffee beans, but it presents several challenges to exporters of roasted coffee from producing countries. In partnership with organisations such as PROCOLOMBIA and the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia, CBI has launched a programme with Colombian coffee roasters whose aim is to enter the European market. In the context of this programme, ProFound is currently investigating the European market for roasted coffee with CBI expert Rafael Valcarce. The goal is to provide Colombian exporters [Read more]

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