Linking organic Vietnamese suppliers to the EU market

  Meet six new Vietnamese suppliers of organic natural ingredients. From White, Black and Red Pepper, Star anise and other spices for which Vietnam is known, to coconut-based ingredients, all these suppliers have several internationally recognized sustainability certificates. Read the article below to find out more about these six companies and immerse yourself in the world of pure, natural, and organic spices, coconut products and nuts. Meet the suppliers - Watch the video Linking organic Vietnamese suppliers to the EU market As part of our long-term collaboration with the Centre for Rural Economic Development (CRED), ProFound is [Read more]

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ProFound´s first verification mission to Vietnam for BioTrade project

ProFound consultant Robbie Hogervorst visited Vietnam as part of the Export Potential Assessment for the Regional BioTrade project in Southeast Asia with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation. At the end of last year, we identified promising BioTrade products from Vietnam, Lao PDR and Myanmar, by assessing their export potential. BioTrade is defined as the trade of products that are native to a country and maintain or enrich its biodiversity. In Vietnam, Robbie and the local Helvetas team verified the outcomes of this research. The team talked to companies and other stakeholders, such as government institutions, through individual interviews and a roundtable. "During [Read more]

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Championing Vietnamese tea and honey

Thinking of Vietnam, most people picture beautiful country sides, rice fields, mountains and cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Tea and honey hardly come to mind. ProFound is taking up the challenge to find the opportunities for these lesser known Vietnamese products on the European market. Vietnam produces high quality tea, but the country’s reputation has not yet spread to Europe. The case is different for Vietnamese honey. In 2007, Vietnamese honey was banned from the European market. Since the ban lifted in 2013, Vietnam has been working to re-establish its key position in the global honey trade. To [Read more]

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Biofach 2023 Recap

BioFach 2022 last July feels like just a couple of weeks ago. The turnaround was short, but we were delighted to be in Nuremberg once again this February, hosting the Organic Africa Pavilion and the Biotrade Asia Pavilion. At these pavilions, we hosted 16 companies, 6 study tours, and thousands of people along the value chain to talk about organic agriculture, regenerative principles, and new opportunities for collaboration. Who Was At the Organic Africa Pavilion This year, we hosted co-exhibitors from Togo, Liberia, South Africa, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, The Philippines and Sri Lanka. They showcased a wide [Read more]

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AGBA – Asian Green Business Accelerator

    Asian Green Business Accelerator AGBA    Our Mission is: Local income generation by linking Asian sustainable green businesses to international markets The pillars of our work Diversification of production systems Application of Sustainable landscaping  Increase livelihood options Implementation of Market-driven business models Country focus (click on each country to learn more about our experience in these countries) Myanmar Laos Cambodia Vietnam  Nepal [Read more]

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Story: BioTrade development in Southeast Asia

  BioTrade Development in South East Asia      Severe biodiversity loss in South East Asia We believe BioTrade development is key in Southeast Asia. Loss of biodiversity is a worldwide threat. However, in Southeast Asia deforestation rates are critically endangering the region’s biodiversity even though this region houses six of the world’s 25 biodiversity hotspots. Biodiversity is vital to the livelihoods of communities. The sustainable use of biodiversity resources is important for both long-term economic development and the future of our planet. Biodiverse ecosystems also provide water and soil retention and pollination. [Read more]

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