Linking organic Vietnamese suppliers to the EU market

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  Meet six new Vietnamese suppliers of organic natural ingredients. From White, Black and Red Pepper, Star anise and other spices for which Vietnam is known, to coconut-based ingredients, all these suppliers have several internationally recognized sustainability certificates. Read the article below to find out more about these six companies and immerse yourself in the world of pure, natural, and organic spices, coconut products and nuts. Meet the suppliers - Watch the video Linking organic Vietnamese suppliers to the EU market As part of our long-term collaboration with the Centre for Rural Economic Development (CRED), ProFound is [Read more]

It’s not about the perfect product, nor the perfect market. It’s about the perfect match. How to profile buyers for your products?

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  Once you’ve narrowed down your potential target market to a specific country and segment, you can start looking for potential buyers! However, not all buyers are the same and you should profile your prospects to increase your selling chances. In this article, we introduce 7 criteria to profile your potential buyers. These criteria will prevent you from wasting time on buyers that are not a good fit and will help you better understand the needs of your prospects. Before Buyer Profiling Before you start looking for buyers for your products you should assess whether you are export-ready. [Read more]

Are you ready to export to international markets? – Export Readiness Assessment

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So, you have decided to start exporting to international markets. But, are you ready for this challenge? Assessing whether your business is ready to export is a complex process and should be supported by an export marketing expert. As a first step, however, you can do a simple self-assessment to determine if your business is heading in the right direction to be ready to export. In this article, we introduce you to the main components of ProFound’s Export Readiness Self-Assessment and we guide you on how to conduct a self-assessment on your own. You can also watch our 20-minute [Read more]

Should your company export to the EU? – 6 key opportunities and assumptions to consider

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  Exporting to the EU or other international markets can be a great business idea for your company, but this will require an initial investment and a good understanding of why your company should export. Do you know if your company should export to the EU or other international markets? Is it really a good business idea for your products? Watch our 5-minute video and learn about some assumptions and opportunities for companies that want to export to international markets. Watch the video   6 key opportunities and assumptions to consider First of all, the decision to [Read more]

Linking Sri Lankan agricultural exporters to international markets

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  Linking Sri Lankan agricultural exporters to international markets Between November 2020 and March 2021, ProFound senior advisors Bert-Jan Ottens and Kasper Kerver worked on a project with the "GLX Garage", a business development programme for SMEs exploring international markets in the sectors of food, agriculture, travel, design, and energy sectors. The main role of Bert-Jan and Kasper was to support the Sri Lankan agricultural exporters with the development of their export strategy and linking them to international markets. The GLX Garage The GLX Garage supports and creates avenues for sustainable companies with a strong interest and need [Read more]

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